My odd ACM complaints-

Visual Disturbances- blurred, peripheral vision loss and multiple vision with photophobia
Episodes of upper body skin feeling severely sunburnt
Sharp, shooting pain in face
Numb fingertips
pins/needles in arms and hands
Severe brain fog/cognitive dysfunction
Drop attacks
decreased feeling/sensation throughout body
neck pain
neck “clicking” and “crunching”
Eye pressure/pain
hypotension 80s/40s
peripheral cyanosis
Joint pain
Muscle weakness
Shortness of breath -feeling like lungs will not inflate completely…while lungs always “sound clear”.
gamut of hormonal dysfunction
low body temp
low back pain
numb perineum
chronic sinus troubles
memory loss


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  1. La Vonne Carter Said:

    Is an MRI usually very obviously seen or can it sometimes be slight enough to be hard to find unless they really know what they are looking for?

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