All 3 have ACM and Syringomyelia

All 3 have ACM and Syringomyelia



  1. LoveR Said:

    Looking for it or lost it?

  2. Tom Reid Said:

    Great Blog Post from 9/12/08 ! I hope you are doing well and still checking your Blog. I too have Chiari, but my Nuerologists have told me I don’t. Gee I guess that 5mm of Cerebellar Tonsilar Ectopia noted on the ORIGINAL MRI after I was Hit by an SUV while riding my bike, knocked cold and all the other shit is normal. I’ve been to more hospitals, actually took a Swing at one arrongant ass doctor, damn IV pole kept me from breaking his jaw. At least the Nurses hated him too and brought me Ice Cream all night. Finally have a Neurologist who has put it in writing that I have Chiari. Whoopeee!! I graduated from High School in 1980, took some night college classes and I diagnosed it in 30 minutes 5 freaking years ago!! My Temper Blows, My head feels like it is going to BLOW, Chest Pains, and now the latest is Orthostatic Hypotension. Of course since I passed out once, a do gooder Dr. saw fit to report me to FL DMV so I lose my license in 10 days. So much for any more feeble attempts at supporting my family. Shit I am ready to down load a surgical manual, buy a Dremil Saw at Home Depot, some Bondo, a Mirror and do the damn Decompression myself. Best wishes

  3. Laura Kennedy Hamberg Said:

    Make sure they do a CINE checking the flow of your spinal fluid during your MRI’s The tonilsar 5mm is not the most important. CINE is.

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